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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the difference between Academy and Recreational Division?

Academy uses age-appropriate lesson plans and maximize touches on the ball through drills and games. The Academy players are not assigned to teams and participate in group practices. Games/scrimmages are organized by skill level to ensure all players get involved. Academy relies on parent coaches to help with practices and games. Practices are once or twice a week depending on age group with games on Friday nights. Players in the academy division are NOT required to purchase uniforms.
Recreational division is the traditional division in which the players are assigned to a specific team based on birth year (not school year).  They practice twice a week with games typically on Saturdays.  The practice schedule is determined by the individual coaches assigned to each recreational team.

  • I am having trouble with the registration system? 

If you are using a mobile device please switch to a computer.  The registration platform is not compatible with most mobile devices.  


  • Where can I purchase my players uniform? 

All uniform sales are done through the website under the E-Store tab.  The club does not purchase uniforms and the cost of uniforms is not included in the registration fee. All players in the recreational division are required to purchase the mandatory set, which includes 2 jerseys (green-away team, blue-home team) shorts and socks. Players can choose whatever jersey number they want.  
***ACADEMY players do not have to purchase uniforms*** 

  • When does the season start and end? 

An entire season is 10 weeks with 8 weeks of games.   
Fall season starts in mid-August and goes to the end of October. 
Spring season starts the of end-February and goes to the middle of May.  

  • When will practices and games be? 

Training sessions/practices are typically scheduled twice throughout the week usually Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule.
The practice schedule is determined by the individual coaches of each team
Games are played on Friday evenings and Saturdays. 


  • What does my child need for practice? 

Cleats and Shin guards are required at every practice and game.  
Soccer Ball Size 3 (U5-U8) 
Soccer Ball Size 4 (U10-U12) 

Soccer Ball Size 5 (U15) 


  • How do I register to coach?

To register you'll need login to your account and click on the volunteer tab on the left and the click on “Find Volunteer Roles”. Once you have completed the registration form you will want to go back to the volunteer tab and then you should be able to see your coaching profile.  From there it should show 3 items that you can click a box next to, and a Renew & Update button below: ​

  1. Please click "Risk Status" then hit the update and renew button at the bottom of the pop-up box is a place to put you SS# for the background check.  

  2. Also, you will find 2 links one for SafeSport and one for CDC Concussion training. These are both MANDATORY trainings that the state requires for all coaches. SafeSport is required yearly and the CDC training is required every 2 years.

 -Once these are completed you are registered to coach.  


  • What age division will my child be in? 

FSC registration is set up for Dual age groups, meaning that the older divisions have players with 2 birth years assigned to teams. The U in the division stand for UNDER.

Birth Years = Divisions

2019 = U5 Division

2018 = U6 Division

2017/2016 = U8 Division

2015/2014 = U10 Division

2013/2012 = U12 Division 

2011/2010/2009 = U15 Division

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