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What is Academy Soccer? Part 1

A new option has appeared this spring for soccer players in the Farmington area. Academy training has been added to the list of possibilities for the players.

I will try to clarify what it is, it's purpose and how it operates via a few posts on this blog. I will also give a few details about the upcoming Summer Academy for those that are unfamiliar with the option.

Academy soccer is not new to the area. FC United was offering the option prior to the merger of Farmington United and FC United. There were traditionally two soccer seasons in the Four Corners area - fall and spring. Academies were created to give players training options during the summer and winter months so players could maintain and sharpen skills between FCYSL seasons. We have decided to continue to offer this option.

So, what is Academy Soccer? The main focus of Academy Training is player development. Training sessions are planned to increase player contact with the ball through activities that stress individual and small group skills. We plan to offer Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Academy options for our players.

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